Contract Addresses:


  • What happens if the desired gas limit is an "unsafe" number?
  • Who are EGL Signals?
  • Why would miners listen to EGL voters?
  • What happens if miners stop listening to EGL?
  • Why limit the vote to 4M?
  • At what desired gas limit does EGL launch?
  • What's to stop community members from freeloading; i.e. simply benefitting from others' voting without voting themselves?


  • What is the contract address?
  • When does Genesis open and close?
  • What if I want to participate more than once?
  • When do my BPT tokens unlock?
  • When do my Bonus Voting EGLs unlock?
  • What will my EGL unlock date be if my Genesis unlock date is before the unlock date of my vote?


  • Who should vote with EGLs?
  • Don’t know what to vote?
  • Why vote more than 1 million?
  • Can you change your vote?
  • Can I revote and lock up my EGLs for less than the original vote?
  • What happens when we’ve hit my desired gas limit? Can I stop voting and sell my EGLs?
  • Can I delegate my vote?


  • Why do we need EGL?
  • What exactly is the gas limit and why does it matter?
  • Who currently controls the gas limit?
  • What is the current gas limit?
  • Is there a "right" gas limit?
  • Can EGL be used for other things?
  • What happens when ETH 2.0 comes?
  • There are concerns about state size. What does this mean?
  • How does EGL interact with EIP-1559?
  • Which wallets work with
  • Are gas limit and block size directly related?
  • What are mining pools and who comprises them?
  • How does Layer-2 affect EGL?
  • Will the smart contracts be audited?