You can revote when:

  1. You have a vote currently locked that you'd like to increase the number of EGLs you are voting with, extend the number of weeks you are voting with, or change your Desired Gas Limit.

  2. You previously voted EGLs that are no longer locked in a vote but are still in the contract (not in your wallet). You can put all of these EGLs back in a vote with one function using revote

If you want to change the number of EGLs you are voting with, you will have to withdraw your EGLs first to your wallet and then revote with the number of EGLs you'd like.

To use Revote

  1. Go to

  2. Go to the Vote tab in the header

  3. Click the "revote" button

  4. Select your Desired Gas Limit, the number of weeks to lock your vote, and any additional EGLs you'd like to vote with.

The number of weeks you select will become your new multiplier. Thus, if you had previously selected 8 weeks (an 8 multiplier) and now select 6 weeks, your vote will decrease its multiplier weight to 6.

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