Tally Votes

At the end of each epoch, the votes cast in that epoch need to tallied to determine the new desiredEgl value. This can be called directly by any wallet, or will get called automatically on any vote(...) or reVote(...) call if the epoch has ended.

See Voting Threshold for details regarding participation requirements

See Calculating desiredEgl for details regarding how the desiredEgl is calculated


Function Signature

function tallyVotes() public whenNotPaused


Validation Rule


block.timestamp > currentEpochStartDate.add(epochLength)

Epoch must have ended before the votes for that epoch can be tallied

Events Emitted

  • VoteThresholdMet (Conditional)

  • VoteThresholdFailed (Conditional)

  • CreatorRewardsClaimed (Conditional)

  • VotesTallied

Web3 Example

await eglVotingInstance.tallyVotes({ from: "0x2be650ba..."})

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