The Voter Reward incentivizes the initial participation in EGL voting in the first year (52 weekly votes). The voter reward is not actively awarded to voters; rather, voters collect it when they call withdraw()or reVote().

Voter Reward Amount

The Voter Reward is awarded in the first 52 weekly votes (index 0 to 51), and its amounts are calculated using the following formula:
rewardi=362,844.70(52i) reward_i= 362,844.70 · (52-i)
Thus, it gradually reduces from
reward0=18,867,924reward_0 = 18,867,924
EGLs in the first tally, to
reward51=362,844.70reward_{51} = 362,844.70
EGLs in the 52nd tally.

Voter Share Size

The Voter Reward is shared each week among the EGL voters who actively voted in said week to affect the desiredEgl. The amount distributed each week is fixed (see below) and the share of each voter depends on the lockupDuration and eglAmount she specified in the vote() or reVote().
The share size for
is calculated as:
sharej=EGLs_lockedlockup_periodshare_j = EGLs\_locked · lockup\_period
EGL reward in week i is calculated:
rewardj=sharejrewardireward_j = share_j * reward_i
For example, given the following voters in a week:
  • voter1voter_1
    locks up 10 EGLs for 1 week (Share1 = 10 · 1 = 10)
  • voter2voter_2
    locks up 10 EGLs for 2 weeks (Share2 = 10 · 2 = 20)
  • voter3voter_3
    locks up 20 EGLs for 1 week (Share3 = 20 · 1 = 20)
will be rewarded
or 40% of the weekly EGL reward (e.g. · Reward1)