What is the contract address?

When does Genesis open and close?

Genesis opens on August 7th at 1pm ET and closes on the earlier of 100,000 ETH staked or August 13th 8am PT.

What if I want to participate more than one?

You can participate more than once by using a different wallet address. See the Genesis user guide for more details.

When do my BPT tokens unlock?

Your BPT Tokens unlock based on when you participated in Genesis - the earlier you participated the earlier they unlock. See the Release Schedule for how to calculate.

When do my Bonus Voting EGLs unlock?

Your Bonus Voting EGLs unlock with your last BPT token. See the Release Schedule for how to calculate.

What will my release date be if my Genesis unlock date is before the unlock date of my vote?

Your unlock date will be the longer of the two. For example, if your release date is Aug. 1 but your vote’s unlock date is Aug 14, then your tokens will unlock on Aug. 14.

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