EGL Genesis

ETH holders can support the EGL Genesis by sending ETH to the EGL launch contract. The ETH sent will be matched with 750,000,000 EGLs and deployed to a Balancer ETH-EGL pool.
The resulting balancer pool tokens (BPT) will be held by the EGL smart contract, and gradually released to the Genesis supporters. Furthermore, an additional 500,000,000 EGLs are awarded to supporters, allowing them to actively vote on their desired gas limit. Contract Address: 0x21Df223E4cc9F270383e33BCdDBc25F27cf7aE96

Genesis closed on August 13, 2021 at 6am PT

The EGL Genesis closed on August 13, 2021 at 6am PT with 10,806.88 ETH Stake, worth ~$35M and matched with 1.25B EGLs worth, at the time, ~$58M! The tokens were sent to an ETH-EGL Balancer Pool and the voting contract was deployed by the multisig holders.