EGL Signals

Why have EGL Signals?

Building on Bitcoin and Ethereum's experimentation with who should control the gas limit / block size, EGL builds on Ethereum’s experiment of moving some parameters away from core devs to miners, by giving some of that power back to not only core devs, but also the entire community.

Core devs have the greatest insight to the nodes’ technical limitations, and their opinions should carry significant weight. Thus, EGLs will be awarded to all interested core devs, both to directly affect the EGL vote, and to signal to other actors their respective opinions.

EGL Signals must vote with their EGLs to be able to withdraw them when they unlock. This is to ensure that EGL voices are indeed a signal for the community. Awarded EGLs are locked for an entire year before they can be withdrawn.

Who are core devs?

There is no set list of who exactly is a core dev. From speaking with those in the community, it seems clear that client teams should have a say, as well as anyone that has authored an EIP that was implemented into production. This may leave out some thought leaders and researchers, and we rather cast a wide net than be exclusive.

If you think you ought to be included on this list, please reach out to Signals can only be added up 70 days post launch.

How to vote?

EGL Signal holders can use with their wallet listed on the allocations page. With your first vote, your EGLs will be claimed and locked for the compulsory year from launch. EGLs that are used to vote can participate in the weekly voter rewards.

Similar to wallet addresses that participated in Genesis, all the EGLs used to vote from a Signal's wallet address - regardless of how they were acquired - will be locked for the entirety of the lockup.

Can EGL Signals participate in Genesis?

Yes! However, you must use a different wallet address than the one you're using for EGL Signals.

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