Balancer Deployment

The ETH-EGL pool will be created once Genesis closes and just before the Voting contract is deployed.

The funds collected from Genesis will be transferred automatically to a multisig wallet once the Genesis period has ended. At this point, the multisig will have both the ETH and the EGL's required to created the Balancer pool.

The Balancer pool is created by forming the transactions to the relevant Balancer V2 contracts (see Balancer docs for more details) for the multisig to sign and execute. Once executed, the pool will be funded with ETH-EGL's and is ready for use.

Finally, once the EGL voting contract is deployed, the multisig will transfer all BPT tokens received from creating the pool to the voting contract to be released on the schedule defined in Release Schedule. All remaining EGL's will also be transferred from the multisig to the voting contract for it to distribute as necessary

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