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Trouble connecting on Chrome?

Manually connecting to often resolves this issue. You can find directions here. on Mobile

If you want to view the website on mobile, please do it from the browser function within MetaMask. on Brave

To use on Brave please make sure your wallet is set to "metamask" and the "load crypto wallets on startup" is turned off.

Vote Early

Votes are locked for weekly increments from the time they are locked, regardless of when the epoch ends. Thus, the earlier you vote, the earlier your tokens will become available.

Additionally, there is a four hour window of when the epoch closes and the next vote begins that you cannot vote within. will not allow voting for you, but if you call the contract directly your vote will fail.

Vote for More Weeks

Votes can be cast for up to 8 weeks into the future. The number of weeks you lock your vote for becomes a multiplier in both calculating desiredEGLs and the voter reward. Thus, locking up your EGLs for longer increases the influence your vote has on the system and your share of the participation reward.

Additionally, if in any given week not enough EGL holders voted, the system will setdesiredEGLs to 95% of the the current gas limit - likely lowering the gas limit. Locking up EGLs for longer will help in avoiding falling below the threshold.

Genesis Participation / EGLs Signals + Acquiring more EGLS

If you participated in Genesis or are an EGL Signals with a given wallet address and would like to acquire more additional EGLs, we suggest you use a different wallet address for two reasons:

1) When you claim and vote for the first time, it will only claim and vote with your Bonus Voting EGLs. You will have to go back and vote again with the additional EGLs you've acquired.

2) The EGL unlock date for your wallet address will apply to ALL EGLs used to vote, regardless of how they are acquired. Thus, if you vote with those additional EGLs, they will be locked for the same amount of time as your Bonus Voting EGLs (e.g. over 70 days). If you used a separate wallet address that did not participate in Genesis and is not an EGL Signals wallet, then those EGLs will only be locked for the voting length (e.g. 1-8 weeks).

Use Revote

Revote can be used in two ways: 1) to change your vote when EGLs are locked and owned by the contract (i.e. not available for withdrawal) and 2) to submit a new vote when EGLs are in the contract but available for withdraw.

It is advantageous to use revote() when you want to vote again will all of your EGLs because the function combines withdraw() and vote() into one transaction and will save you on gas.

Withdrawing BPT Tokens

For wallet addresses that participated in Genesis, when your BPTs and Bonus Voting EGLs become unlocked AND it's less than 1 year from contract launch, you must first withdraw all your BPTs before you can withdraw your Bonus Voting EGLs. If it is after 1 year from launch, you can withdraw your Bonus EGLs first.

Additionally, BPTs unlock overtime and can be withdrawn overtime while Bonus Voting EGLs unlock all at once, with the last BPT unlocking.

How to vote with less EGLs

If you wanted to lower the amount of EGLs you are voting with, you first must wait until they become unlocked (i.e. for Genesis wallets this is when the Bonus Voting EGLs become unlocked, for EGL Signals this is after 52 weeks, and for all other wallets this could be 1-8 weeks).

Once the EGLs are unlocked, you must withdraw() your EGLs (you are forced to withdraw all of them) and then place a new vote() with the new desired amount of EGLs.

If you try to use revote (withdraw and vote again in one function) it will force you to use all the EGLs associated with your address in the contract (as noted above).

Staking Length

EGL favors long term Supporters - those who stake ETH for longer durations - and awards more EGLs to later supporters. Thus, earlier supporters haver their tokens released sooner (Release Schedule), while later Supporters receive more Bonus EGLs.

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