Release Schedule

Matching EGLs

The ETH and EGLs deployed to the Balancer ETH-EGL pool entitles Supporters to the received Balancer Pool Tokens (BPTs). These tokens are released in a FIFO schedule, over a period ranging between 70 and 364 days after the voting contract launch.

The basic idea of the release is as follows: when X% of the lockup period passes, the first X% of the EGLs matched are released, and therefore the pool tokens which correlate to these EGLs are released.

As outlined in Genesis Rewards, the EGL smart contract tracks the amount of EGLs matched (totalEglsMatched). For each Supporter, totalEglsMatchedis recorded both before and after, providing liquidity in a range format (start,stop) , as well as the poolTokensDue.

At any given time, the last EGL released is 0 if 10 weeks have not passed since the launch, and otherwise computed as follows:

  • lockupTimePassed= currentTime-launchTime- 10*7*24*60*60

  • lockupPercentile= lockupTimePassed/(364-70)*24*60*60

  • lastEglReleased = lockupPercentile^4 * 750,000,000

Using lastEglReleased, the number of BPTs to be released for a specific Supporter is 0 if lastEglReleased <= start, and otherwise: poolTokensDue * (lastEglReleased - start) / (stop-start)

At any given time, a supporter may call withdrawPoolTokens() to withdraw all their released pool tokens.

To find when your individual BPT tokens will be released:

\text{First BPT Release Date} =(\frac{\text{first_serialized_EGL}}{750,000,000})^{1/4}* 294 + 70
\text{Last BPT Release Date} = (\frac{\text{last_serialized_EGL}}{750,000,000})^{1/4}* 294 + 70


ETH:EGL Genesis Ratio:Total ETH staked at Genesis750,000,000 EGLs\text{ETH:EGL Genesis Ratio}: \frac{\text{Total ETH staked at Genesis}}{\text{750,000,000 EGLs}}
last¬†serialized¬†EGL=ETH:EGL¬†Genesis¬†Ratio‚ąócumulative¬†ETH¬†staked¬†after¬†you¬†contribute\text{last serialized EGL} = \text{ETH:EGL Genesis Ratio} * \text{cumulative ETH staked after you contribute}
first¬†serialized¬†EGL=ETH:EGL¬†Genesis¬†Ratio‚ąócumulative¬†ETH¬†staked¬†before¬†you¬†contributed\text{first serialized EGL} = \text{ETH:EGL Genesis Ratio} * \text{cumulative ETH staked before you contributed}

Bonus Voting EGLs

Supporters are awarded additional EGLs (see Launch Rewards) based on their "place in line". These EGLs allow Supporters to participate in the gas limit vote, as well as earn Voter Rewards.

These Bonus EGLs may be withdrawn once all the Supporter's BPTs are released, as outlined above, unless the Supporter chooses to extend their lockup further using reVote() (see Voting).

Thus, for a given supporter, BPT tokens have a gradual release schedule, while Bonus Voting EGLs are released all at once with the last BPT token release.

All the EGLs used to vote from a Genesis participant's wallet address - regardless of how they were acquired - will be locked for the entirety of the lockup.

We've created a spreadsheet to help with calculating their BPT Tokens, Bonus Voting Tokens, and release yourself. You can also use the spreadsheet to see how many EGLs you received. You can also go to or query the contract directly.

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